Multi Server Monitoring System

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Multi Server Monitoring

MSMSYS is one the best upcoming Open Source* PHP Based Software & Python Based AGENT to Monitor Multiple Server as one place!

Key Elements

This Product Not just Monitor Your Server Status, Its Also notify you by Email if there is any Down time or High Resource Usage!

Web Service Monitors

We are working hard on this project to add extra feature like, monitoring FTP, Apache, Nginx, DNS or Mail Server! (These function not yet available)

Easy Integration

Use our flexible Agent Written in Python, one line code to execute in your SSH terminol to monitors.

Advance but Simple Agent

MSMsys create the most simple but powerful Monitoring Agent Script, which is written Python, also our script support thirdparty agent* and easy to maintain and upgrade, source code is available so you could read it and improve it.

Why use MSMsys?

We admit there is 100’s of monitoring tools are available for Linux based server, but almost all of them don’t monitor multiple servers on single place, you need to install monitoring software on each server and open monitoring system in separate windows or tabs. which is headache to follow up.

Some monitoring system don’t have notification system, some want extra membership fee to add more servers, some has security issue, even some are steal your server details or inject malicious code in agent to compromise your server.

Also there is some online service available which offer multiple server monitoring but every service has some limitations, like 24 hours to 30 days trail or 1-2 server monitoring, if you want to add more you have to buy a subscription for that. which is mostly more expensive then the server it self.

With MSMsys you don’t have any limitation, you can easily increase server limit for Free or Pro Account by changing small codes**, add as much server as you want and monitor almost every server on single place!.

We want this software available for every Server Administrator and Web Masters. There is alot of peoples who had $5/m VPS to $5000+/m Dedicated Server, we want this to available for every Server Administrator and Web Masters.

Password: demo1234

Alot of Amazing Feature

MSMsys is amazing Software where you can Monitor Space, BW, Network Speed, RAM, Network Latency and Much More! As well you can see complete overview about your Server!

Server Overview

As soon as your add your server and installed the agent, in 3-5 minute complete server detail will be display on server detail page! You will get detail like: Server OS, CPU, Server Up-time, Kernel, Network, Speed and other sort of info!

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Server Usage Detail

In Server Detail Page you will see realtime* Information about your server, Like: Server Load, RAM Usage and Disk usage as well.

*3-5 Minutes Delay Possible!
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History Chart

In Server detail page, Script will show you the usage of server in Graphical Chart Report to easily understand.
History Details: Disk Usage, Latency (PING), Process, RAM, Server Load

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Server TOP Process

In Detail Page, Script will also display top 100 (Default 10) Processes, with the detail of how many instance are running, CPU usage, Ram and the user who is running this process! so you could easily manage which process using high CPU usage!

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Server Notifications

There is stat of the art server monitoring system, it will monitor your server resources and notify you by email once its reached set limit in monitoring tool, as well as its inform you if there is any server downtime!.

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Powerful Admin Panel

This script come with simple but powerful admin panel, where you Add/Update Users, Manage Membership of Users, Server Management, Manage People Messages, Website settings and alot of other features!

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Password: demo1234

Technology We are using!

  • Linux
  • Apache
  • PHP 5.4.4+
  • MySQL 5.1+
  • jQuery
  • Bootstrap
  • CodeIgniter 3

Requirements for AGENT:

  • Python 2.6+(Installer will check Python Install or not, and notify you if its did not find it!).
  • Crontab

Agent Tested on

  • CoreOs
  • CentOs
  • Fedora
  • Debian
  • Ubuntu
  • FreeBSD
  • More Detail & Test coming Soon!

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